Superformance rebuilds the original GT40 to spec

Most kit cars we come across are near faithful representations of their muse. Unfortunately, there's always something a little off about the design that doesn't quite match up with the way we remember the original, and nearly always they're only skin deep, offering up merely the appearance of authenticity with the substance of something much lesser. Superformance, the producers of the best Cobra and Cobra Daytona Coupes replicas in the business, builds something a little more than a "kit car". All of its products are complete factory manufactured rollers minus an engine and transmission. This allows the company to bust a fat right around complex emissions and safety regulations by classifying their products as kit cars, though obviously they're so much more.

One of Superformance's current products is its most ambitious ever: a GT40 so realistic and faithful to the original that it's currently being evaluated for historic racing eligibility. What you're looking at is not a modern tube-frame chassis shrink wrapped in a fiberglass body; the Superformance GT40 MkII has a super rigid steel monocoque chassis that's covered in an all-steel body, just like the original MKIIs that made Enzo weep. Nearly everything is just like the original, right down to the "Gurney bump" in the roof. Of course, concessions were made in some areas in the interests of durability, weight savings and safety, but 90% of the parts are interchangeable with the original GT40 MkII, which is amazing. Most notable differences from the source car include the addition of air conditioning and more modern brakes, along with the fact it comes from the factory as LHD instead of RHD. Since it comes without an engine and transmission, you can drop in any engine that fits, but Superformance recommends a ROUSH 427 motor producing 530 horsepower.

The Superformance GT40 MkII looks as good today as it did back then, although it doesn't hurt being photographed by the excellent snapper, Drew Philips, of Check out the read link to see a full gallery of shots and read Drew's writeup after driving the GT40 MkII on the street.


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