Rolls-Royce dips a toe into greener waters

Rolls-Royce, just a week after I wrote that we haven't had a single green story about them on AutoblogGreen, has given word about their waste reduction campaign. The company isn't changing its cars, just the way they make those cars. By the end of next year, Rolls-Royce hopes to recycle 75 percent of all the waste that comes out of its Goodwood facilities. This is up from about 60 percent today.

It's kind of ironic to read the words, "As part of the company's commitment to sustainability" in a Rolls-Royce press release (the company's 2006 Phantom gets 12 mpg in the city), but I'm glad to see that there will be a new dedicated waste management center at Goodwood where waste materials will be recycled. The items to be recycled include office materials, food packaging and old computer parts. Scraps of wood and leather from the production of Rollw-Royce vehicles are sold for use by other manufacturers. There's even a Goodwood Estate organic farm that used compost from materials collected from Goodwood. Now, about that hybrid Phantom...

[Source: Rolls-Royce]

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