Ride in a hydrogen car in Michigan Tuesday morning

The City of Taylor, Michigan and Ford are offering up ride and drive opportunities in Ford fuel cell vehicles tomorrow morning. The ride and drives are part of the opening of a hydrogen fueling station at the city's Department of Public Works (which sure doesn't sound like a publicly available hydrogen pump to me). Representative John Dingell and representatives of BP and the Department of Energy will also be present at the event, which takes place from 10 to 11 am. AutoblogGreen's Sam Abuelsamid will be attending and giving us a first-hand account. Stay tuned.

Ford's press release doesn't say which fuel cell vehicles will be available, but I'm guessing they'll be hydrogen Focuses. The city uses three of these cars, part of a fleet of 30 around the world. Ford is also working on a fleet of E-450 buses that run on hydrogen.

[Source: Ford]

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