Delphi Automotive Systems has been a financial basket case since long before it was spun off by General Motors. The company has been under chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for over a year now, and has been shedding money losing business units (which amounts to most of their business units) as fast as they can. Nonetheless, Delphi is still working on new products and pursuing new business. Delphi has always been big in the electrical and electronic system business. They supply wiring harnesses, electronic engine controls, entertainment systems, and other parts to a wide variety of car-makers.

Now Delphi has announced that they will be supplying some major components to Ford for its upcoming Fusion Hybrid and Mercury Milan Hybrid for model year 2008. At the 2006 Convergence conference in Detroit, Delphi announced that they will be providing the battery pack system and cooling system for the new mid-sized Ford hybrid cars. Delphi has considerable experience working on electrical power-train systems having been a part of General Motors when they built the EV1. They also announced that they will be providing these and other components like DC/DC converters, power-train controllers, inverters and harnesses for other upcoming hybrid vehicles. Read the full press release after the jump.

[Source: Delphi]

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