Toyota research: the bigger-is-better fad has passed

AutoWeek is reporting that some executives and managers in the Toyota camp are worried that the upcoming second-generation Sequoia SUV will be too large for consumers' tastes. In the face of high gas prices, we saw a dramatic decline in the sales of large gas-guzzlers, but some executives are saying that there's more to it than just that. They say the bigger-is-better fad has passed. Ernest Bastien, vice president of Toyota's vehicle operations group, says that the company's market researchers believe that the "glamor aspect" of owning large SUVs is beginning to move on to the next trend.

Many of the past articles we've reported on have tied the popularity of smaller, fuel-efficient vehicles to gasoline prices, yet Toyota seems to be implying that despite whether gas prices rise or fall in the near and long-term future, sales of large SUVs will continue to wane despite their mileage. That is, unless the fad eventually trends back. Hopefully, by then, all of our vehicles including large SUVs will be either zero-emission or high-mileage.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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