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BUSTang? Bah! Dutch cops get Spyker C8 police car

While American law enforcement agencies use D.A.R.E. cars like the ridiculous BUSTang for parade duty and public relations, their European counterparts redefine the entire concept of one-upmanship with their special vehicles. In Italy, there's the full-dress Lamborghini Gallardo, while Germany has a TechArt-prepared Porsche 911 Carrera S (photos of both after the jump).

Now you can add the Netherlands to that list, as Dutch supercar manufacturer Spyker created a C8 Spyder with all the proper markings and even a light bar for the Flevoland police. You can check out the story and look at a full photo gallery over at (You can use this to translate it.)

Thanks to Miki for the tip!

(More police exotica after the jump)


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