We've finally made it to our third video in our five-part series of booth tours from the 2006 Paris Motor Show. As I've said before, we're cutting on our teeth on this video stuff with the footage we gathered at the Paris show, and today's video brings you the both of DaimlerChrysler, specifically Dodge and Mercedes-Benz. From the Dodge booth we, of course, have the Avenger, which we think you'll agree looks even better in person. We quickly move over to MB's display where we played paparazzi with the " Mercedes Banz" CL63 AMG (Once it's rendered typos are forever, man) and the SLR McLaren 722 Edition, both cars that are extremely imposing person. We would've liked to have captured footage of the AMG S-Class, but the damn thing disappeared the second day of the show when we were filming. Regardless, these three vehicles were represented the hotness coming out of DaimlerChrysler in Paris, so on with the show.

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