Spy Shots: Lexus LF-A

The guys and gals over at Car & Driver acquired a few choice shots of what's assumed to be the Lexus LF-A uber-coupe lapping the 'Ring. Destined to fight with the likes of Audi's new R8, the upcoming Nissan GT-R and the highly evolved 911, Lexus has continually denied the existence of their high-performance two-door, but the shape of this prototype tells another tale.
Overall, the design has gotten considerably more butch, regardless of the Cessna-sized wing hanging out on the rear end. The front end exchanged its feminine eyes for a more tautly drawn headlamp arrangement, along with larger inlets for air. The increase in oxygen-providing bodywork extends beyond the fascia, to behind the doors, with larger, more upright ducts that will shovel air into what's assumed to be a mid-mounted V10, producing 500+ HP.

The rear end has grown in a way that only an ass-man could love, with the rear bumper protruding up and out, when compared to the concept it's based off. Thankfully, the tri-tip, center-mounted exhaust carries over from its show stand sibling.

As Car & Driver points out, it's all speculation at the moment -- much like the aforementioned power plant -- but that won't stop them from assuming that the LF-A will get an eight-speed manumatic, carry a price tag of over $100k and be available in 2008.

Click either photo for several great shots of the Lexus in motion.

[Source: Car & Driver]

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