Pres. Bush warns low gas prices could make us complacent

Speaking in St. Louis at the 2006 Advancing Renewable Energy conference on Thursday, President George W. Bush said the country is too dependent on oil and warned us not to let low gas prices "mask that concern."

Without offering any new proposals, Pres. Bush promoted technology possibilities, touting hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. He also said ethanol is critical to the nation's energy policy, noting the slow progress is marked by a lack of other types of feedstocks.

Bush said the timing for alternative energy sources must be realistic, so he emphasized the need to continue producing from domestic energy sources. He wants to expand oil and gas drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and wants more nuclear power.

Democratic critics charged the president overstated the role of biofuels.

A text of Bush's speech can be found here.

[Source: Environment News Service]

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