Damn! This is the first time we've been late in our Reader Ride duties, as you should've seen this post sometime on Monday, and we're beatin' ourselves up over it, really. Then again, it was pretty clear as soon as this week's RR of the Week poll began that the 1966 Porsche 912 would be in the winner's circle, and so it is. Said Porsche received 786 votes (42%), or more than double the car that got my vote, a 1986 Chrysler 5th Avenue on steroids that garnered 344 votes (19%). The remaining three cars were very close in the voting, with the autocrossing 1999 Honda Civic EX Coupe getting 262 votes (14%), the 1988 Jeep Cherokee named "Blowby" attracting 239 votes (13%), and finally the Final 500 2003 Oldsmobile Aurora receiving 220 votes (12%).

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