MADD's new DWI awareness posters are a smash

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Above is one of a new series of posters created for MADD Canada by their marketing agency partner, Calder Bateman Communications, to promote the organization's anti-drunk-driving message. It's one of the most effective campaigns we've ever seen. The posters feature one of three vehicles, each of which has a busted-up windshield and leaves long skidmarks in its wake. The cars themselves are intact when the posters are completely flat, but when they're taped up against a static object like the towel dispenser shown, the message becomes abundantly clear.

You see, when you crumple the bottom part of the poster, the car looks like a real wreck. It's a simple, brilliant, and attention-getting way to communicate just how irresponsible and dangerous it is to get behind the wheel after you've been drinking.

[Source: AdJab]

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