Ballard announces supply agreement with General Hydrogen for fuel-cell forklifts

Ballard Power Systems has been one of the leading developers and manufacturers of fuel cells in recent years and has worked with numerous automakers including Ford and Chrysler. They also supply fuel cell technology to many other companies, and today announced a deal to provide 2,900 fuel cells to General Hydrogen. General Hydrogen will be installing the cells into conversion kits that they sell to companies that operate material handling equipment like fork-lifts. The conversions are for fork-lifts that currently run on lead-acid batteries. Fuel cells have many performance advantages over the batteries including three times the run-time and constant power throughout use. The fuel cells are viable in this type of usage scenario right now because the the hydrogen filling infrastructure can be on-site in the factory or warehouse, so there is no worry about refueling. The agreement is worth $22 million to Ballard and calls for one quarter of the fuel cells to be delivered in 2007 with the remainder in 2008. The cells will range in output from 4 to 20 kW

[Source: Ballard Power Systems via The Auto Channel]

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