24th Annual Newport Beach Concours d'Elegance

Although nowhere near the size or prestige of Pebble Beach, Meadowbrook, Amelia Island or Villa d'Este, a number of smaller local Concours take place on any given weekend around the world. Most of them have their own special focus and most of them are designed to raise money for charity. One such event took place a couple of weekends ago in Irvine, California.

Confusingly known as the Newport Beach Concours d'Elegance, this event is now in its 24th year and has changed venues several times before ending up at Strawberry Farms Golf Club a couple of years ago. As it's held in Southern California, some of the vehicles you might recognize from Monterey in August.

Less focus is placed on winning and more effort is put into producing a good show and having fun, all in the name of charity. In this case, the Assessment and Treatment Services Center, which "provides the highest quality counseling to troubled children and families." Mercedes was the featured marque this year and was well-represented. The nearby Mercedes Classic Car Center even brought out a few special vehicles for the occasion, ranging from a former David Coulthard F1 car, to a replica of the first vehicle ever, the 1886 Benz Three-Wheeler Patent-Motorwagen. Overall, there were plenty of classics, special displays of modern exotics and supercars that really helped draw a big crowd to this year's show. More details and a huge photo gallery can be viewed at Fast-Autos.net.

[Source: Fast-Autos.net]

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