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Get it while it's hot: Biofuel discount for Odyssey Day 2006 in Iowa

Odyssey Day 2006 is quickly approaching and to celebrate 22 ethanol and biodiesel retailers in Iowa will be holding a single-day discount on their alternative fuels on Thursday, October 12 (that's tomorrow, so you don't have to check a calendar).

What is Odyssey Day? It's actually a national, biennial event coordinated by the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium that promotes awareness of alternative-fueled vehicles in order to demonstrate that they are an integral part of the solution to America's environmental and energy needs. The consortium's goals include:
  • The encouragement of investment in a nationwide alternative fuel infrastructure
  • Lobbying for alternative fuel vehicle tax rebates and incentives
  • Alternative fuel and AFV education
Among their major sponsors are automakers DaimlerChrysler, Honda and Toyota as well as John Deere and electric utility vehicle manufacturer Gem Car. For more information visit the official Odyssey Day website.

The event in Iowa is being co-sponsored by the American Lung Association and the Des Moines Area Community College and will include a tradeshow featuring alternative-fueled vehicles.

[Source: Des Moines Register]

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