Ford looking to sell another piece of itself

Ford Motor Company continues its effort to pare down and get lean (anybody wanna buy Aston Martin?) by announcing today that it has "begun the process of exploring strategic options for Automobile Protection Corporation, with particular emphasis on a potential sale of the business." That's PR speak for "We already took an ad out in the Tradin' Times".
APCO is apparently a company that offers extended care warranties and service contracts for new and used vehicles through dealerships, although we have to admit... never heard of this particular subsidiary before. Ford bought APCO in 1999 and says that it's performed well and achieved growth in sales in revenue since then, but hopefully this announcement means Ford's ready to get back to the business of producing well built and attractive cars and trucks rather than conceding the fact its vehicles will break and selling aftermarket service contracts to fix them when they do.

[Source: Ford]

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