On the way into the office in Livonia, MI this morning I spotted a Peugeot 107 with a manufacturer plate. I managed to snap a few photos before the driver went off in a different direction. The 107 is the new B-Class model that Peugeot is selling in Europe. The car is just over eleven feet long and comes with a 1.0L three cylinder gas engine or a 1.4L four cylinder diesel. It's available as a two door or four door hatchback and would be great car for getting around crowded cities. Unlike most strange looking recent Renaults, this one has a classy attractive look wrapped around a very efficient package. Unfortunately, it's more likely that this particular unit is just a test unit for some supplier, which is pretty common around this area. There are are few more pics after the jump.

Update: The mystery builds as today I saw two more of the diminutive Peugeots along the blue one shown in the photos. Since they were all in close proximity to each other and on the same road as yesterday, that would be indicative of a durability fleet. The question is who is conducting the test and why?

There's a big glass rear hatch for easy access to the cargo area.

One shot in the rear view mirror showing the front of the car.

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