Now you see it, Now you don't: The Phantom Park subterranean garage lift

David Copperfield ain't got nothing on this device. The Phantom Park lift from American Custom Lifts is a hydraulic scissor lift that when installed in your garage can lower a prized collector's vehicle or billion dollar supercar beneath the floor for safe keeping. The lift can raise and lower a vehicle as fast as 65 seconds and the company offers a catalogue of additional safety equipment and sensors to ensure your investment doesn't get its nose clipped off during the lowering or raising process. This is also a great device for people with garages that have ceilings too low for a traditional hydraulic lift, or for the mega rich that have a below-ground parking structure and need access that's less conspicuous than a ramp.

AC Lifts offers units that can handle the weight and size of anything up to a mid-size SUV, and you can even have the top of the canopy covered in any flooring material you'd like to make the lift completely transparent when it's below ground. You know, Christmas is coming up and we've been good all year long, so hopefully Santa will see fit to have his elves install a Phantom Park in the Autoblog Garage while we're asleep.

[Source: AC Lifts]

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