Rated R muscle car featured in Tarantino's Death Proof

Details are beginning to circulate that sometime next year we're going to see a double-feature homage to the slasher flicks of the 70's in the form of Grind House. Robert Rodriguez (of Sin City fame) will be behind the lens of one of the films, entitled Planet Terror, with Quentin Tarantino taking the reigns for the other feature called Death Proof.
The latter is what we're interested in, as Kurt Russell plays a Hollywood stunt driver, who equips his Camaro with armor and proceeds to terrorize unsuspecting vixens. By all accounts, it looks like Russell will be taking the lead role, but we're confused by the movie poster (pictured) that has Mickey Rourke on the bill. That would be a comeback we'd like to see, especially since Rourke would seem perfectly suited for the role of a psychopathic movie-biz type.

Ain't It Cool News has some on location pictures of the crew shooting in Austin, Texas, along with photos of the Death Proof car itself. Check it.

[Source: The Car Connection and Ain't It Cool News]

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