Get your hydrogen here, there, anywhere with mobile refuelers

As the cars in the California Fuel Cell Partnership's (CaFCP) Road Rally 2006, which ends today, finish up their drives, let's take a look at one of the fuel sources they used during the five-day rally. Air Products has developed a mobile hydrogen fueling station that can be transported from city to city to dispense hydrogen from any location. The system does not produce hydrogen, but can store it. There are 15 of these mobile hydrogen fuelers operating around the world.
Steve Hoffman, regional project engineer of Future Energy Solutions at Air Products, said the mobile fuelers are meant to be a bridge to a time when hydrogen infrastructure is readily available. Since the mobile units don't need any utility hook-ups (do they run on hydrogen? batteries? a generator?), they can offer hydrogen to drivers wherever necessary.

[Source: Air Products]

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