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We're totally in love with this week's group of reader rides. They each have their own unique qualities that make them special and interesting, and from the comments you showed that you all thought so, too. But now it's time to pick RR of the Week, a distinguished honor only one vehicle can drive away with. Will it be the Final 500 Oldsmobile Aurora, the Jeep Cherokee that won't ever call it quits, the Porsche 912 with a bigger motor out back, the Honda Civic and its autocrossing owner, or the monster Chyrsler 5th Avenue that eats Mustangs for breakfast? Decisions, decisions. Remember, if you don't vote you can't complain about who wins, and what's a blog without the ability to complain in the comments?

RR of the Week
Final 500 2003 Oldsmobile Aurora
1988 Jeep Cherokee "Blowby"
1966 Porsche 912
1999 Honda Civic EX Coupe
1986 Chrysler 5th Avenue
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