Many different types oils have been proposed for use as fuels in diesel engines. Fortunately one of the inherent advantages of diesel engines is that they can run on a wide variety of liquid fuels. That flexibility means that many different feed stocks that can grow in different climates and in different parts of the world can be used as a fuel.

Depending on climate in a region it may be possible to use the bio-diesel fuels straight or blended with petroleum diesels. That's because different oils solidify at different temperatures and a solid oil won't flow through a fuel system. If the climate is warm enough that there is no danger of gelling, different oils or blends can be used. Shell International Petroleum will form a joint venture with the Malaysian Palm Oil Board for trials of Envo diesel which is a blend of 5% palm oil and 95% petroleum diesel. Since Malaysia has a fairly tropical climate, palms grow quite well there. The joint venture will be operated out of a Shell facility in Kuala Lampur and will be tested in a variety of government vehicles and some fishing trawlers.

[Source: The Star of Malaysia via GreenCarCongress]

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