Micron to use Baja 1000 to prove chip reliability

Testing new semiconductor products doesn't always have to be boring - or at least not when a chipmaker is run by an ex-motocrosser. Micron CEO Steve Appleton will be driving a Porsche-powered Baja Tour Car buggy in the upcoming SCORE Baja 1000, and his company's Lexar flash memory and image sensing products will record the entire journey. This is said to be the first complete video recording ever assembled of the race, which underscores the nastiness of this environment.

The point of competing in this treacherous point-to-point race across the desert is simple - Micron wishes to compete in the automotive market, and this represents a high-visibility means to prove that its products are up to the task (the automobile being somewhat more intense than your average PC or digital camera). And, well, we're guessing that it's a lot more fun than babysitting some parts in a test lab.

The Baja 1000 will be run on Nov. 15-18, and Micron will be posting updates at http://baja.micron.com/ (right now, that link just kicks you to their automotive products website).

[Sources: CNN, Micron]

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