Everything's O-Kei: New Daihatsu Move introduced in Japan

Another day. Another kei. This time, it's Daihatsu, which has released a redesigned version of its Move minicar. Available as the subdued Move or the more sporty-looking Move Custom (above), the car follows the usual kei formula: tiny outside, maximized space inside. In fact, the new Move boasts the longest cabin length and width available in a Japanese minicar.

The Move's softer lines appear to be geared more towards women, while the Move Custom has a more masculine flavor to it. Incidentally, this appears to be the case with almost every kei car. Two versions, one soft, one sporty, with the sporty version offering an optional turbocharged engine. The same holds true here.

The Move and Move custom are both available with a 660cc normally-aspirated engine putting out around 58 horsepower and getting 54 mpg peak fuel economy. The Move Custom can also be had with a 660cc turbo that nets an additional 6 horses or so. All models are available with either 2WD or 4WD, and transmission choices include a 5-speed manual, 4-speed auto, or CVT depending on the individual trim level selected.

(Photos, press release after the jump)

Daihatsu Move:

Daihatsu Move Custom:

Daihatsu Launches Fully Redesigned MOVE

DAIHATSU MOTOR CO., LTD. (Daihatsu) announced the launch in Japan of the fully redesigned mini vehicle MOVE on October 5.

The redesigned MOVE has been completely updated from the platform to the engine and developed with the aim of evolving on a new level that transcends its class. Two models have been created, the MOVE, based on the concept of "my energetic and versatile," and the MOVE Custom, which is based on the concept of "quality and mobile amenity."

The new MOVE offers the following features:
1) New styling that effects dramatic change to a refined and dynamic silhouette;
2) Advanced packaging that creates the longest cabin length and width in a mini vehicle;
3) A high-quality interior that provides a relaxing feel like that of a lounge;
4) Enhanced vehicle performance achieved through the combination of cutting-edge technologies;
  • A KF-VE type non-turbo engine and a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) provide superior acceleration performance and high fuel efficiency of 23km/liter
  • High-quality, comfortable ride and remarkable cabin quietness
  • All vehicles fitted with the KF-VE type engine qualify for incentives under the Japanese government's "green" taxation system that provides incentives to owners of both of low emission and low pollution vehicles.
  • Advanced preventive safety features realize high safety performance levels
5) Features such as door mirrors that are linked to the reverse gear realize a high level of utility that make you want to drive the MOVE.

* As of September, 2006; measured by Daihatsu

Plans call for sales of 12,000 units per month in Japan. The manufacturer's suggested retail prices range from 970,000 yen to 1,595,000 yen (excluding consumption tax). The photo shows MOVE X and MOVE Custom RS (2WD).

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