I'm walking through the Ford booth at the Orange County Auto Show and spot this Focus with wild graphics announcing its PZEV status as well as its mileage potential of 37mpg.

"Yeah, we've had the PZEV Focus out since 2003 and never really promoted it," said a Ford official.

Now all California Ford Focus models with the 2.0-liter Duratec 20E engine will sport a new PZEV badge on the trunk lid. The idea of promoting the PZEV status comes as the public recognizes the benefits of hybrids but doesn't know much about partial zero emissions vehicles. Ford says not all hybrids meet PZEV standards, making the Ford Focus cleaner than a hybrid.

"PZEV-certified vehicles are the cleanest mass-produced vehicles available," said Jerry Martin of the California Air Resources Board.

Too bad we can order the side graphics as an option.

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