Ford employees see the light, asked to change light bulbs at home

It's not news of a new clean-burning diesel-hybrid truck, but Ford did have a green announcement of sorts yesterday. To support the EPA/Energy Star program's "Change a Light" campaign, Ford is asking its employees to change a light bulb at home. Ford's announcement asks workers to exchange inefficient light bulbs with bulbs decorated with the Energy Star rating, saying that lighting accounts for 20 percent of most people's electric bill. I get the same feeling from this as Mitsubishi's recent Pajero Forest announcement. Ford asks employees to spent money and time, and the company takes the credit. Still, a good suggestion is a good suggestion and Ford's doing the right thing here. A $20 "light bulb bonus" in worker's paychecks would be a Bold Move here.
Also, while installing new Energy Star bulbs is a good idea, I hope no one goes and throws out a working bulb. I understand that it'll use more energy in the socket than a cleaner bulb, but since all the energy and materials used to make the bulb have already been spent, it makes sense to use it until it burns out, right?

[Source: Ford]

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