9ff Carrera GT

Clearly, there are some drivers for whom the Porsche Carrera GT's stock 605 horsepower is merely adequate. These are the people that supertuner 9ff is targeting with its new program for the über-Porsche.

You can start off easy, with 9ff's new front bumper and spoiler. The lightweight carbon fiber unit increases downforce and helps optimize cooling. It'll run you € 7,980. Next up is the company's 19" wheel upgrade. A set of the lightwright, 3-piece, central-locking, aluminum-forged rims will set the buyer back € 14,480. Naturally, there's a suspension upgrade available, and the 9ff SUPERSPORT sport chassis adds another € 7,980 to the tally.

If you're not keeping track, the bumper, wheels and suspension add up to €30,440. The illustration above depicts what the GT will look like with the new nose and rolling stock.

Now, let's get to the serious go-fast stuff. There are two exhaust kits, each increases horsepower by an undisclosed amount, and the quad-pipe "supersport" version costs € 7,980. This brings us to the centerpiece of the tuning program. Two motor tuning packages are available. The lesser version costs over € 35,000 and nets an additional 80 horsepower. That's not the one to get.

The 9ff "Performance Kit 2" is a complete engine conversion package that adds a pair of turbochargers (!), new camshafts, new exhaust manifolds, a muffler upgrade, new catalytic converter, upgraded air filter, air hose, and air box, and ECU reprogramming. The price is steep -- € 95,800 -- but the result is an additional 300 horsepower.

What do you call a Carrera GT with 900+ HP? A super duper car? We're not sure either, but if you have a Carrera GT and an extra € 130,000 (approx. $165,000) to put into it, you can find out for yourself. If you do, please be sure to drop us a line and let us know if it's as fun as it sounds.

[Source: 9ff]

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