Startech's plasma conversion facility can turn garbage into hydrogen

OK, this seems too good to be true and I'm sure it is. But let's let the good news play out first. Sartech Environmental Corporation has a system called the Plasma Converter. What this sci-fi sounding converter does is destroy Municipal Solid Waste, "but in the process of destruction, it produces a clean synthesis gas rich in hydrogen that can be recovered for many valuable commercial uses including a pristine fuel", according to Startech. You got that? It turns garbage into hydrogen. In the future, all our problems will be solved.

A Plasma Converter is being built at the new 200 ton-per-day MSW facility in Las Tablas facility in the Republic of Panama. Startech says that the Plasma Converter creates heat that is three times hotter than the sun to burn garbage and release the precious hydrogen (and other materials). Startech is saying they can burn/convert pretty much any waste you can think of, from organic and inorganic solids to hazardous waste (no mention of nuclear, though) and industrial by-products. I couldn't find a lot of details on how much energy the Plasma Converter needs to run or how the hydrogen could best be extracted from the synthesis gas (called Plasma Converted Gas), but this technology sure seems intriguing. I wonder why it's being built in Panama.

[Source: Startech Environmental Corporation]

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