Our friends over at Jalopnik have snagged the full 60-second version of Chevrolet's "Our Country, Our Truck" commercial developed by Campbell-Ewald. It's a minute full of what the Jalop folk call a real "Amerigasm", stuffed with shots of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Woodstock, Richard Nixon, Vietnam, Dale Earnhardt, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and, oh yeah, John Mellencamp, the ex-Cougar himself. While it's true that full-size, half-ton trucks are as American as apple pie and baseball, Chevy appears to be laying the patriotic mayo a little thick on this bun. But don't take our word for it, watch it for yourself.

BTW, don't mind the warnings to Steven Colbert that overlay the video. Jalopnik is a little PO'd with His Truthiness over who stole the 30-second version of the Silverado ad first. Can't we all just get along? That reminds us, anyone catch Rodney King in that commercial? Neither did we.

[Source: YouTube via Jalopnik]

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