Taylor Made Computer Solutions Ltd. has a crew of IT engineers and other staff who make all sorts of house calls. Since they're engineers, they recently spent six months testing a variety of cars in their daily runs to compute a spreadsheet that would determine the best car for their needs. Taylor Made Financial Director Alison Taylor said that size (to carry around server and monitor boxes), comfort, turning circle, and emissions were all important qualities tested. The winner was the Toyota Verso 1.8-litre T2 petrol car.

Taylor Made will now add 18 Versos to the fleet, which will grow to 33 vehicles. Taylor said the Verso1.8's CO2 emissions of 184g/km fit the bill, "which matters not only for tax reasons but because if you run a fairly large fleet you can't be pumping out tons of gas," she said. Taylor Made took delivery of the first six Versos in early August and the rest are coming in next February.

[Source: Toyota]

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