Car piercing: You've got to be kidding

Well, well, well, we thought we had seen it all. Apparently, though, there's an endless supply of reasons to ask, what the? These crazy kids with their tats and piercings and X-treme lifestyles are taking over the world. So it shouldn't come as too big a surprise that they would share their expressions of individuality with their favorite vehicular companions. And we're not talking about spinners and struts, or neon and cantaloupe launchers, we mean taking their rides to the extreme, just as they push, prod and poke their own bodies.

As automotive trends go, we're holding back on offering an opinion about just how cool this will end up being, but it has led to some very interesting vehicles. Obviously we've seen a lot of different takes on personalization, but this is taking things a bit further than most. Some Southern California dealers have even gotten into tattooing cars. But here we are talking about a young team of So Cal aftermarket entrepreneurs who have decided to focus on rings and studs. Available now, for the bumper of your choice, car piercings.

They come in a range of different finishes and designs, and are featured on the trend's own website, The construction and installation seems fairly straightforward, maybe a weekend job. They make an already rugged-looking pickup look even tougher, and even do wonders for improving the look of the less macho Scions featured in the gallery. Check it out yourself.

Thanks to Austin for the tippage!

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