Yahoo! has a video of the Tesla Roadster in action on their Driver Buzz segment. If you haven't seen AutoblogGreen's video of the Tesla in motion, this is a pretty cool video. In fact, the video was taken at the same event AutoblogGreen editor Sebastian Blanco attended in July (you can see his elbow about 2:45 into the video). The encoding quality of the video is pretty low, but this is a very cool car. The Lotus Elise has always been one of my favorite cars since it's introduction. If I had $100,000 to drop on a car the Elise-based Tesla would definitely be near the top of my list. Unfortunately, for those of here at AutoblogGreen the initial run is small enough and they are getting enough free publicity that they probably won't be delivering one to our garage anytime soon. Follow the Read link to see the video.

[Source: Yahoo]

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