Tesla Roadster sees the sunlight in Palo Alto

The all-electric Tesla Roadster was out and about this weekend at the annual electric vehicle show of the Electric Auto Association of Silicon Valley. This year was the 34th annual EV event at the Palo Alto high school and the Roadster was the "main attraction" of the show according to yesterday's Palo Alto Daily News. The paper doesn't say how many EVs were at the show, but they did list some of the guests of honor: The prototype X1, Toyota RAV4 EVs, some Prius hybrids (looks like pure EV wasn't a requirement), and the tiny Tango. Rick Woodbury, president of Commuter Cars Corp. which makes the Tango, told the newspaper that the Tango has a roll cage that can withstand crashes at 200 miles per hour. Power up.

[Source: Palo Alto Daily News]

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