At the Paris Motor Show, General Motors Product guru Bob Lutz, confirmed to reporters that the next generation Opel Corsa will in fact come to the US market. Unfortunately since Opel just introduced a redesigned Corsa in Europe that is not designed to to meet US regulations, it'll be the next generation Corsa that comes to the US. This means we likely won't see a Corsa hear until model year 2010 or 2011.

The Corsa will continue the product sharing between Opel and Saturn. The original L-series Saturn was based on a previous generation Opel Vectra and the new Aura is the current generation Vectra. The new Sky Roadster goes the other way and is sold as an Opel in Europe. The Saturn-badged Corsa will be built in the US and GM is planning for volumes of 80,000-100,000 per year. The current Corsa is smaller than the recently introduced Toyota Yaris. Ford needs to scramble now to bring a version of the Fiesta or Ka to the US market. According to Automotive News, Mexico is the likely production site for the new car because of the tight margins on small cars like this. GM has already built and sold previous generation Corsas in Mexico for the Mexican and Central American Markets.

[Source: Automotive News and World Wide Automotive Report]

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