If we learned anything from the story of Cole Trickle, it's that rubbin's racing. Michael Simko, a driver in the Great Lakes Chevy Dealers/Budweiser Glass City 200 at Toledo Speedway sponsored by the Automobile Racing Club of America (ARCA), apparently disagrees. After fellow driver Don St. Denis tagged him and sent him into the wall, Simko exited his vehicle and drop kicked the plastic windshield of the offending driver before throwing his helmet at him. After Denis was able to extricate himself from his vehicle, the two exchanged punches on the infield. ARCA immediately issued indefinite suspensions for both drivers. In the above video, Simko tries to explain his actions after the incident, but really, who hasn't wanted to drop kick another driver after a bone head move on the road. No explanation needed, sir.

Thanks Paul for the tippage!

[Source: Sports Illustrated]

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