BusinessWeek taking bets on the car of tomorrow

Predicting the path of the automotive industry in the long run is nigh impossible, as the technologies we will find ourselves beholden to in fifty years haven't even been invented yet, that is, of course, assuming a robot army hasn't staged a world coup before then. BusinessWeek is the latest to scan the horizon of technology and science fiction to tell us what we'll be driving in the future, and it should be no surprise that the first guess is the Moller SkyCar we've been promised for so long. Also on the list of future vehicles are the Volkswagen GX3 that's already been nixed for production in the present and the Ford SYNUS personal armored truck.

The slideshow assembled by BusinessWeek is accompanied by an article that also examines what areas of exotic technology will become commonplace in the future. Alternative fuels is an obvious one, as is the impending dashboard battle between Apple and Microsoft to be the operating system of choice in cars.

BusinessWeek's article got us thinking about what features we want in our future car, and flying isn't one of them. Whoever wants to give up the marriage of rubber and road is no friend of ours. Aside from an increasing focus on vehicles capable of zero-emissions, we believe active and passive safety technology and your in-car entertainment will receive the most attention from techies.

[Source: BusinessWeek]

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