Alternative fuels will be key factor in car of the future has just posted a colorful and engaging multi-story report on high-tech cars. The one piece covering alternative fuel called on MIT professors to give their thoughts. They believe there will be many choices because "we can't put all our eggs in one basket." The article says hybrid technology will be mainstream. Another view came from a Jalopnik editor who said it's difficult to pick a winner from hydrogen, biofuel or diesel.

The attraction for green vehicle enthusiasts is limited in this special section on high-tech cars. There is an explanation of the Mercedes BLUETEC system in one of the stories, but most of the content is focused on high-tech gadgets and evolving technology that will make cars safer or more enjoyable to drive. There are plenty of diagrams and illustrations to support the stories. Very good collection of high-tech information that offers an excellent peek into the future of cars and trucks.

[Source: Business Week Online]

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