GEM EVs used in anti-drunk driving classes

Hey, here's a good idea. Get a bunch of teenagers drunk and sit them behind the wheel of an electric car. This is what DaimlerChrysler is doing in Michigan on Monday morning with the help of the Michigan State Police. Of course, the teens will not be actually drinking but wearing " Drunk Busters" goggles that simulate the effects of alcohol but the EVs will be real as anything. DaimlerChrysler is bringing some of its GEM electric vehicles to the anti-drunk driving demonstration at the Oakland County Traffic Safety Meeting as part of the Michigan State Police EPIC program (Education & Prevention of Impaired Crashes). Chrysler has used the GEMs with hundreds of teens in the EPIC program, which gives them a chance to drive the GEM through an obstacle course. I doubt there's pedestrians involved, as illustrated in the image above, which is from the GEM website.

[Source: Chrysler Group]

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