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XATANET gives fleet operators real-time fuel consumption information and more

Hybrids, ethanol, EVs, biodiesel. All of these can help us use less gasoline. It's also true that we can change our driving habits to make the vehicles we drive now more efficient. But how do you get a large group of drivers to change their behavior? PVS Chemicals, Inc., a chemical supplier with a fleet of 80 vehicles that drive more than 5 million miles a year, has decided to use the XATANET system. To help its drivers drive better (and reduce fuel costs by 10 percent), PVS is getting help from XATA, a provider of onboard fleet management systems.

XATANET is an electronic system that combines GPS, trip planning and real-time fuel performance in a display a driver can see during operation. XATA says that drivers can, "use this information to alter speed, braking and gear shifting to improve fuel economy at the point of immediate impact. Fuel costs are further reduced by the ongoing interaction that occurs between drivers as they continually work to improve their personal fuel economy ratings". I like that, the idea of drivers sitting around a truck stop boasting about how much fuel they didn't use today.

[Source: XATA Corporation]

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