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William & Mary hosts debate on 'Who Killed the Electric Car?'

A panel of faculty experts from the College of William & Mary debated the style and substance of the documentary film "Who Killed the Electric Car?" following a recent screening. Many agreed the film was entertaining but left too many pertinent questions unanswered.

One professor of business suggested other divisions of GM distrusted the new Saturn brand and could have felt threatened if the EV1 succeeded.

Another professor felt the film misled the audience by implying that electric vehicles have no negative impact on the environment but felt the tension between the marketplace and government regulators was accurate.

GM was not acting in its best interest to pull the EV1, said another professor, and another felt there was a "conspiracy."

Even after the organized debate, the participants offered more comments on the movie and viability of electric cars. The assistant dean of the school praised the movie for stimulating student thought although he felt the film had more circumstantial arguments than factual arguments.

[Source: William & Mary News]

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