Paris Motor Show: Hyundai HED-3 Arnejs

Hyundai finally revealed the HED-3 Arnejs concept to the world this week, and our friends at Autoblog Spanish were there to gather vital photographic documentation of the models posing with the car as it basked under the lights at the Paris Expo.

This corporate sister ship to the Kia cee'd will arrive in production trim sometime in 2007, and like the Kia, it'll be a Europe-only model. The concept car features a 2.0L 170-horsepower four mated to a 5-speed automatic. The production version will target market powerhouses like the VW Golf and Renault Megane, and will presumably be more upscale than the Kia cee'd.

The Arnejs concept sports 19" turbine-style wheels, a two-tone interior, and an interesting-looking v-shaped glass roof panel. As for the inexplicably bizarre name, your guess is as good as ours. We gave up trying to figure out the naming strategies automakers come up with a long time ago.

Plenty more to see after the jump. Guys can send thank you notes to Autoblog Spanish's man on the floor, Alberto Ballestin.

(Additional live shots and press photos after the jump)

[Source: Autoblog Spanish ( translated)]


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