Do us a quick favor. Take out your web-enabled phone, tap in and hit enter. Voila! Notice anything different, like a load time under ten minutes perhaps? Hmm... that formatting looks spot on, too. That's because the intrepid development team at Weblogs, Inc. has rolled out WAP-enabled versions of each site on the network, including ours truly. And you don't have to type in some wonky address like or, just type in the regular old URL ( and we'll figure out that you're using an itty bitty cell phone rather than a 30-inch LCD.

As we said earlier, this works for all Weblogs, Inc. sites, so if you're also into Engadget, Joystiq, TUAW, TV Squad and Cinematical, they'll play nice on your mobile phone now, too.

There are still a few phones on which the development team is attempting to fix compatability issues, and they include the Sidekick3, PSP, Opera Mini (Java), and some Motorola handsets, but around 85% of the devices out there should display the site just fine. If for some reason your phone isn't automatically redirected to the WAP version, you can also access it manually by typing in This also might be a good alternative for people who are still using dial-up connection.

So now you don't have to miss any of our ongoing coverage of the Paris Motor Show, even if you do get summoned away from your cubicle. Happy surfing on the go!

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