Car Buyers would like return option

Here's your daily report from our office of "Did They Really Need a Poll to Tell Ya That?"

CarMax Inc. asked over 28,000 people if they would like the option of returning a vehicle several days after they purchased it. It came as no surprise that 78-percent of respondents said 'yes,' while the other 22-percent must have screwed up on the questioner. At least that was our first response.

However, the poll centered around the topic of 'buyers remorse," where close to 22,000 people said that after they left the lot and drove their newly acquired vehicle around for a few days, they wanted to bring it back. The shocking part isn't the fact that most people want the option to return a freshly purchased whip, but that they were so unhappy with their purchase that close to 4 out of 5 people wanted to dump their vehicle that quickly. What could have possibly been wrong with that many people or vehicles?

While some of us have been unhappy with past purchases, we're hard pressed look back and say that we wanted to return them that quickly. Maybe we're in the minority, so we'd ask for your opinion in 'comments.'

[Source: The Auto Channel]

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