With less than 5 laps left in Sunday's Grand Prix of Road America, Champ Car driver Katherine Legge lost part of her rear wing heading into a high-speed turn, crashing into the wall and then flying into the air. Although the car disintegrated around her, the 25-year-old rookie walked away from the crash with only bruises on her knees to show for it. She even walked out of the medical trailer to smile and wave to the fans and provided this interview to let everybody know she'll be just fine.

In the video she says that she was relieved when she saw the engine break away from the rest of the car during the accident because she knew any potential fire would follow the motor and not her. This shows that she remembers most of the accident, which is even more incredible. She does admit at one point, "I think I had my eyes closed for most of it." Legge, who was driving a pink race car to support breast cancer awareness, seemed remarkably unshaken after the crash, apparently still planning on attending the Champ Car Atlantic Series championship banquet in nearby Kohler on Monday night. "Just a bit of bruising, which won't look good in my dress," Legge joked.

Series fans might remember that Champ Car driver Cristiano da Matta sustained serious head injuries while testing at Road America last month. His car collided with a deer that had somehow managed to leap an 8-foot fence and had run onto the track. The safety team was taking extra care because of that incident. Da Matta, by the way, was able to fly back home to Miami on Friday.

[Source: Speed, Sydney Morning Herald]

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