UPDATE: Chrysler to up ad spending... way up

CORRECTION: The AdAge article misinterpreted the information presented. Spending will only be doubled in certain sectors of specific months of Chrysler's second half, not double the total amount spent on advertising for the first half. Thanks to Chuck for the info.

In a speech to the Automotive Press Association, Chrysler's President and CEO, Tom LaSorda is quoted by AdAge as saying that advertisement spending "is going up dramatically."

How dramatically? The Chrysler Group dropped over $500m on ads during the first half of 2006 and the plan is to double that figure through the end of the year.

So what will approximately $1b in ads be focused on? Three models: new, compact and mid-sized.

The Dodge Nitro, Avenger and Ram will be pushed hard over the next three months, along with the Chrysler Aspen and Sebring. Jeep needs more bennies for its new Wrangler and the new four-door variant of the iconic off-roader, plus the Compass is going to need a strong push if it doesn't take off as expected.

The Caliber, although doing very well, will see a few more dollars thrown in its war chest to get the word out about the C-segment/crossover/compact/sport wagon. Additionally, if rumors of a sub-compact come to fruition, additional funds will need to budgeted accordingly.

And what of Dr. Z? We may see more of the iconic, if not mildly tarnished, head of the chairman, but the real focus will be on the German-engineering side of things, for better or worse.

[Source: AdAge]

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