Even though Alan Mulally hasn't officially taken the helm at Ford yet, he is already making waves. The former Boeing CEO has taken the reigns already, acutely focused on becoming the company's new leader. In a report by The Detroit News, the details of Mulally's actions are coming to light. He is cutting through executive meeting schedules, eating at the company cafeteria instead of the executive dining room, and dumping his Lexus for a Ford. Mulally's goal is simple; revamp the Ford corporate culture into one that promotes honesty, directness, and most of all teamwork. Not to mention cutting out the bean counters' influence on product development and, ultimately, the product content, a problem that has plagued Ford for a long time.

Bill Ford Jr. thinks that Mulally will sharpen Ford, and we think he may be its only hope at this point. FoMoCo has a lot of potential, as we all know, and would definitely be the feather Mulally needs in his cap to prove himself as one of the greatest business leaders of our time.

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