After 33 years with FoMoCo, A.J. Wagner will retire on January, 1st 2007. Holding both a Vice President's position for the automaker and serving as the president of Ford Motor Credit Company in North America. Wagner's departure, according to the man himself, serves to make Ford, "a smaller, leaner company."

Mr. Wagner began working with Ford in 1973, holding a variety of positions with Ford Motor Credit over the next three decades, eventually heading up the organization in 2003.

However, his departure from Ford does not mean the end of his working life, as Wagner, 55, intends on seeking employment in other areas of finance, as long as there is no direct competition with Ford Motor Credit.

Wagner's retirement is another in a series of departures from Ford's executive ranks, as the automaker makes efforts to streamline both their blue-collar and white-collar workforce over the next two and a half years.

[Source: Ford Media]

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