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Wheels for the wealthy wheelchair-bound

When we think of transportation designed for the physically challenged, a picture of a Dodge Caravan converted to be wheelchair accessible pops in our heads. But your average Mr. Money Bags doesn't find himself scoping out Caravans when it comes time to replace his chauffer-driven Rolls, so why should those who roll in a wheelchair have to? It's an interesting question that Dignity Transportation felt compelled to answer with its Dignity Star wheelchair-accessible limo, believed to be the first of its kind in North America. Based on a 2006 Dodge High Roof Sprinter 2500, the Dignity Star's cargo hold has been converted into a limo with all the opulent trimmings one would expect in any stretch, including 15- and 20-inch LCD TVs, a DVD/CD player, five-speaker sound system with wireless headphones, and full dark window tint. There's also a curved leather couch inside that seats six and enough room for two wheelchairs to come aboard via the rear-mounted lift. You know what that means? No more cruisin' to the country club in a Caravan.

[Source: Dignity Star]

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