Studs on bikes

In the not-too-distant future those of us in more northern climes will be back into the cold heart of winter. If you have ever driven a car in the winter with studded tires you will know that there is just no substitute. All-season tires can't compete with regular snow tires, and regular snow tires can't hold a candle to studs.
In the past I've spent many long dark winter months in northern Sweden testing cars as part of my day job and the transportation vehicles we used to get back and forth to the test track often had studded tires. Studs are to snow and ice what a good high performance tire is to asphalt.

I was checking my friend Laura's blog this morning and spotted an interesting item. Laura doesn't have a car and uses a combination of bicycle and bus to get to work. She is a hacker of the best kind is now planning adding studs to her bike in preparation for the cold season, If you ride a bike instead of drive in the sloppy weather, check out the link for instructions on added studs to you tires on your own.

[Source: Carfree Ann Arbor]

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