Amanda Unboomed across the country in a hybrid

In 2005 Amanda Congdon became an internet superstar when she and her erstwhile former partner started up a daily video blog called Rocketboom. Their daily five "news" show quickly got enormously popular in large part due to Amanda's attractive looks and entertaining presentation style. Amanda's resume includes theater and television acting as well as comedy and a degree from Northwestern University. A couple of months ago the rocket blew up and Amanda and Andrew went their separate ways. After a quiet summer Amanda is back!

Earlier this week, she and her compatriots embarked on a new journey. They are taking a five-week trip driving across America in a Ford Escape Hybrid and filming the interesting people, places and events they encounter along the way. The website is sponsoring the project. EnvironmentalCountdown will soon be launching their full site where people can submit videos about they are doing in their communities to help the environment.

I've sent an interview request in to Amanda, so hopefully she'll be joining us here on ABG soon to fill us in some more on what she is doing and why. In the meantime you can follow Amanda's adventures at AmandaAcrossAmerica.

[Source: Amanda Across America]

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