Manufacturers Respond to California Lawsuit

The National Association of Manufacturers has posted a couple of responses to the lawsuit filed by California attorney general Bill Lockyer yesterday, and they are not happy. They are accusing Lockyer of grandstanding and trying to bypass legislation by litigating. The association issued a press release that opens with:

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) criticized California's attorney general today for issuing a lawsuit against automakers for damages related to greenhouse gas emissions, calling the endeavor an "appalling misuse" of the California court system to force public policy changes.

"This is a blatant attempt by the California attorney general to get back-door regulation through manipulation of the courts," said NAM President John Engler. "Already, manufacturers are dealing with some of the highest legal and energy costs in the world, we shouldn't be making matters worse with unwarranted lawsuits.

"While our nation is in the midst of an energy crisis, lawmakers should be looking for environmentally safe and economically sound solutions, not posturing with litigation," Engler added.

While former Michigan Governer John Engler rips the California AG for his "posturing" he neglects to mention that attempts by California and other states have been fought constantly in the courts and the Federal Government has done absolutely nothing about increasing efficiency and emissions standards for at least two decades. Lockyer probably doesn't have a viable case to fight, but he is certainly making a statement. The North-East States and California want do something about pollution and fuel economy, so maybe NAM and the auto companies should sit down and work something out. Read more from NAM here and here.

[Source: National Association of Manufacturers]

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